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Application Form - Hub Partner

Partner Organisation of a Music Education Hub

£240.00 + VAT

We agree to become a member of the Company subject to the provision of the Articles of Association of the Company as an Organisational Member of the Company nominated by a Music Education Hub. We understand that if our nomination is withdrawn by our partner Music Education Hub our membership will immediately cease.

We agree to pay to the Company an amount of up to £1 if the Company is wound up whilst we are a member or for up to 12 months after we have left the Company and we consent to receive notices under the Articles of Association and all documents which we are entitled to receive as a member at an Annual General Meeting of the Company by email sent to the address as below.

We understand that our details will be held on the Company's database for administration purposes and will not be used for any third party mailing.

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Information Needed For Member Directory
If you are renewing membership, please check your profile on our Member Directory to ensure we still have the right information, logo and/or image. If we don’t or you are applying for membership for the first time, please send your image to and update the details below.

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Finance Details *

If the PO number is not yet known please email it as soon as possible to

Please send a copy of a current signed partnership agreement to Must be provided in order to become a Hub Partner.